Recycling and Waste Management Services for Port Severn

Recycling Specialties Inc. has been recycling metals for more than 50 years. The employees at our company are highly professional, friendly, and dedicated to their work.  Our employees are committed to providing excellent service at all times and we stand behind our service to our local clients. Port Severn businesses can count on us for affordable, simple waste management services. The relationships we have built and continue to develop with members of the Port Severn community are important to us and we value each interaction with our customers.

Industry Leading Metal Recycling Solutions

When you need scrap metal salvaged and recycled, Recycling Specialties Inc. is here to help. Recycling Specialties Inc. turns scrap metal into valuable raw materials for industry use. Steel and scrap metal are just a few of the products that Recycling Specialties Inc. buys and sells at more than reasonable prices.

Looking for Dependable Recycling in Port Severn? Choose Recycling Specialties Inc.

  • Make your bottom line more profitable
  • Limit your spending
  • Enhance productivity
  • Maintain compliance with local legislation
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • With over 50 years of experience, benefit from the expertise of a quality recycling company

Waste Management Services Available to Your Port Severn Business:

Metal Recycling

  • In addition to buying and brokering metals, we will also purchase scrap metal, offcuts, and machinery
  • Our company will come to your location to collect ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals, process them, recycle them, trade them, and broker them

Roll-off Bins

  • There are several options for roll-off bins you can use at home or at work, and there are also luggers and compactors available
  • Customized programs can be created upon request

Waste Management

  • We will provide you with a free analysis of your current recycling and waste stream, so you can make sure your new system will be exactly what you require at the price you prefer
  • Delivery of containers can be scheduled or on-demand, depending on your needs
  • We offer junk removal services for homeowners, handymen, and construction crews. Simply drop off your junk to our waste transfer facility for safe disposal on the spot

Processes that are Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Each and every process at Recycling Specialties is designed to better our environment; of course, we are happy to share that our recycling of steel and other scrap metal products conserves energy, natural resources, and cuts back on the general waste that winds up in our landfills. Compared to manufacturing new products from raw materials, recycling conserves natural resources and consumes less energy. Additionally, we use the latest material handling technology to help contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. 

Recycling steel also happens to be the most recycled material in Canada.  Our efforts help manufacturing companies cut costs as well as reduce production-related expenses.  Count on Recycling Specialties for waste removal and recycling in Port Severn. You will be kept informed at every step of the process to ensure your recycling needs are met.

Please contact us for more information or a free no-obligation quote. We are proud to serve Port Severn and the surrounding area.

Our Services

Waste Management

Recycling Specialties is a full service waste management company with over 50 years of experience. Striving to be the premier provider of environmentally responsible waste management services, Recycling Specialties provides a whole line of waste management services, which include waste collection, recycling services, material recovery, transfer services and disposal.


Metal Recycling

As a leading-edge metal recycler for over 50 years, we purchase and broker all types of metals including but not limited to scrap metal, off-cuts, machinery and most metals. We collect, process, recycle, trade and broker ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal providing processed and sorted metal to industries around the world.


Roll-off Bins

Recycling Specialties Inc. offers a large selection of roll-off bins for residential and commercial customers, including roll-off containers, lugger containers and compactors. Whether you’re looking to dispose of bulky items, construction debris, or any recyclable material, our roll-off bins can accommodate your needs.


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