Recycling and Waste Management Services in Bradford

Recycling Specialties Inc. is a family owned and operated business with more than 50 years’ experience in the metal recycling industry. Our team is made up of trained qualified professionals, who are dedicated to providing clients with timely and efficient service with each and every project at hand. Having serviced the Bradford region for quite some time, as our client we are confident you’ll receive convenient waste management services that are equally as reliable. We believe that establishing long-lasting relationships with members of our community is a crucial component of customer service; we emphasize this value throughout each step of a project, clearly communicating and listening to our clients’ needs.

Metal Recycling Services that are Dependable

If you’re seeking waste management services to handle the salvaging and recycling of your scrap metals, Recycling Specialties Inc. are professionals in these very processes, transforming scrap metal into valuable raw materials for industry use. Recycling Specialties Inc. purchases a variety of steel and scrap metal products at a competitive cost.

In Need of Recycling Solutions in Bradford? Recycling Specialties Inc. is Eager to Help

  • Capitalize on your bottom line
  • Limit overall spending
  • Achieve higher productivity levels
  • Stay compliant with local legislation
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Benefit from partnering with a highly qualified and reputable recycling company, who has over 50 years of industry experience

Waste Management Services Supplied to Bradford Businesses:

Metal Recycling

  • We will purchase your metal, including scrap metal, off-cuts, and machinery.
  • Our team will process, and recycle, ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.

Roll-off Bins

  • Choose from varying sizes of roll-off bins, ideal for both for both residential and commercial use. Lugger containers are also available.
  • Custom programs are optional and available upon request.

Waste Management

  • We’ll provide an analysis of your facility’s current recycling and waste stream, and use these findings to suggest a new and improved system that will save you time and money.
  • Benefit from scheduled or on-call container service, based on your unique needs
  • Junk removal services are available for homeowners, handyman jobs, construction crews etc. All we ask is that you drop off your junk to our waste transfer facility where it will be immediately disposed of.

Sustainable Efforts

Recycling Specialties remains keenly aware of how our processes impact the environment. When we recycle steel and other scrap metal products we are successfully conserving energy and natural resources, while limiting the amount of waste that reaches our landfill. Through smart recycling measures, natural resources can be preserved as less energy is required than what’s required in the manufacturing of new products using raw materials. Recycling Specialties also uses the latest material handling technology to help promote a greener and cleaner environment.

Our recycling measures contribute to lowered costs, allowing manufacturing companies to limit the money they spend on manufacturing. For waste removal and recycling services in Bradford you can feel confident in, turn to Recycling Specialties as your trusted provider. We will work with you to ensure all project requirements are performed appropriately to your satisfaction.

Feel free to contact our team to discuss our services further, or if you’re interested in a no obligation quote. We are pleased to offer recycling and waste management services to Bradford and the surrounding areas.