How to Reduce Waste in the Workplace

Every business has a responsibility to protect the environment as they produce a lot of waste. In fact, the average business creates more than two thousand pounds of waste every year! That’s a lot of garbage that has to go somewhere. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste your business produces, look no further. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips on how to do just that. One great way to reduce waste is by using roll-off containers for your trash and recycling needs. Keep reading for more information!

Determine Where the Waste is Being Generated

The first step is to determine where the waste is being generated in your workplace. This will help you to know what changes need to be made in order to reduce it. Once you know where the waste is coming from, you can start making changes to reduce it.

Some of the most common places for waste to be generated are:

– The break room

– The office kitchen

– Printers and copy machines

– Desks and cubicles

Reduce Packaging Waste

One way to reduce waste is by reducing packaging waste. This can be done by using fewer disposables and packaging materials. For example, instead of paper cups, use reusable mugs or water bottles. You can also switch to paperless options when possible, like electronic invoicing and online billing.

Reuse & Recycle

When you can’t reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, the next best thing is to reuse and recycle what you can. This includes everything from paper and plastic to metal and glass. Many office buildings have recycling bins set up, so be sure to use them!

You can also encourage your employees to reuse and recycle by providing reusable items, like coffee mugs and water bottles. You can also set up a recycling station in the break room or kitchen for employees to use.

Or, if your business generates organic waste, it can be used as compost or animal feed. By diverting this waste from the landfill, you can save money on disposal fees.

Use Metal Recycling Company

There are even companies that provide metal recycling services. These companies will come to your office and pick up any metal waste you have, like old computers or printers. They will then recycle the metals and use them to create new products.

Use a Roll-Off Container

roll-off container is a type of dumpster that is typically used for commercial waste disposal. They are provided by professional companies that specialize in waste management, so they know how to properly dispose of the different types of waste. Like ensuring that metal is recycled instead of thrown away!

Roll-off containers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the different needs of businesses. They can be placed on-site for easy access and are typically picked up once or twice a week, depending on the volume of waste being generated.

By using a roll-off container, you are reducing the waste that your company is generating by being able to recycle, which will save you money on disposal fees. And you are also making it easier to recycle and reuse materials!


By taking a few simple steps to reduce the amount of waste your business produces, you can make a big impact on the environment. Using roll-off containers is one easy way to do this, and it’s something we at Recycling Specialties can help you with. Contact us today to book a roll-off container for your business—we guarantee you won’t regret it!